“the rapture”

so i’m pretty damn sure that no one cares as much about the britney/kfed split as much as i do.  except maybe holley.  you go girl!!  but it’s been eating up all my time.  plus the notion that there may be a sex tape out there some where that the looser asshole is trying to use to blackmail my favorite pop princess.

but on a side note, why do celebrities allow this to happen to them?  if i could shit out a million dollars i would probably think about it but if someone else could make millions while my career went down the tubes i’d think twice.  some people have mentioned “well it made paris famous.”  yea, cause she had no “career” to start with.  if you’re famous before a sex tape then it’s not going to add a boost.  plus you won’t be the one gettin’ money.

so the moral of this story is… if a no name back up dancer wants to tape you going down on him when you have everything to lose and he has everything to gain just say no.  can’t people have a fufilling sexual relationship without taping it?  if you go for the camcorder be prepared for other people to see it.  either it’ll be a trainspotting mix up or a paris hilton debockle.

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November 17, 2006 at 04:11 PM

word up. I can't wait to see this video though, holla?I hope that was one badass prenup. And didn't she just have a baby? Why is K-Fed so fertile?

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