i never stop working for you

it’s another friday night where i’m saving the world one cell phone at a time.  i’m quite pleased that this is that last friday night i’ll have to work for a while and that my vacation is a mere 4 work days away.  i’m going to arkansas for some RnR and to hassle bart some, cause that’s so much fun to do.  i might see the original walmart

and if i was an outdoors-ey kind of girl i could probably venture out and see some of this

but knowing me (and knowing bart) i will probably mostly see kung-fu movies and bueno.  that’s about the best thing ever.  mmmm… tacos.  this is bart by the way.  he’s way hot.

let’s see… what else is going on…  still working my ass off and skipping out on the gym because i’m so exhausted.  the quitting smoking is going well.  i’m on my final 2 weeks of the patches starting tomorrow.  after that i’ll be officially nicotine free.  my mom is still talking about quitting and not doing it.  but i told myself i wasn’t going to try to get everyone to quit because i did.  that’s pretty much lame.  but my parents are old and they need to quit so that when i’m old they’re still around.  maybe i’ll tell my mom i’ll get knocked up if she quits for 7 years.  that might actually work, the catch is that she won’t get grandkids from my ass until she hasn’t had any cigarettes for 7 whole years.  i don’t think she would make it.

i only have 5 more car payments left on my jetta which is WAY exciting but it’s going into the shop tomorrow for a check engine light and an oil change.  just my luck that something would go terribly wrong with it.  no, wait… i already had to have a brand new transmission installed in may.  hopefully nothing else goes horribly wrong with it.  i’ve already decided no more volkswagens for me.  toyota or honda all the way.  that’s what click and clack say and i think they know what they’re talking about.

hajimamashte!  i’m trying to learn japanese again.  we’ll see if i get any further this time.  doesn’t help i have no one to practice with.  but i suppose i could watch a lot of anime and just talk like a cartoon when i get there.  i’m american, they can’t expect much from me as it is.  well i’m about to have to start paying attention here in a minute.  my time to push the button is coming up.  wish me luck that i don’t bust anything up tonight.

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