my afternoon in the vdub

so i bring my car in for an oil change and it turns out i need all this shit checked, isn’t that always how it goes?  so they tell me they can fit it in today if i hang out until 5.  i decide it’s probably a good idea cause it’s making funny noises and i’m about to take it on a road trip next weekend.  so i’m chillin in the break room on my laptop with not a whole hell of a lot to do.

i don’t really watch football unless there’s beer around and shouting at the TV, cause i can get into beer and shouting at the TV.  but in the volkswagen waiting room there’s no beer or shouting which takes all the fun out of watching any sports broadcast of any kind.

i woke up way too early this morning.  my work phone kept yelling at me that i had emails and after waking up a third time my body just said “fuck this, we’re all up now.”  scout was very pleased since she is always excited to yell at me as well but she gets away with it cause she’s so damn cute.  observe:

in this picture i am wearing my new favorite jeans which aren’t my jeans at all but i challenge him to try to get them back.  mwahahaha.  hmmm… what else… oh yea.  i was going to go outlet shopping but didn’t make it.  i’m not going to head to mckinney at 5.  that’s about the time you want to head back.  i may still hit up the stonebriar or the galleria because i’m out of prolash.  that shit is the bomb and i don’t like to be without it.

well only 2.5 hours to go.  what now?

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