usually i’ve got some kind of theme to my posts but i can’t quite put my finger on one today.  today’s been kind of odd in general.  i went to arkansas for 5 days and when i got back things were different.  i think it’s mostly because i’m not on call or stressing the fuck out about work.  everything will get back to normal on monday but i’m not sure i really want it too.  i’ve been appreciating the time off.

okay, now for the news.  i saw this in arkansas and it intrigued me.  i had to stop and photograph it in it’s absurdity:

“serving god’s people through dentistry”  wow.  i mean seriously.  wow.  unbaptized folk please do not attempt to schedule an appointment.  “we’re sorry sir.  we don’t clean the devil’s children’s teeth.  try the heathenistic monarch dental down the street.”

in other news i finally got my ass to the MAC and got my damn mascara and brush cleaner.  i’ve been meaning to do that for months.  while at the mall i got sucked into zara and found the coolest damn jacket ever.  yea yea, i know… i shouldn’t be buying jackets in texas.  i can only wear it for a month and i need to curb the spending in order to prepare for my trip to japan and my pontiac GTO.  but check this thing out.

it reminds me of russian military style with a japanse neo-tokyo vibe.  the back is pretty sweet and i got a snazzy shirt to go with it.

anyways… i was reminded today that christmas is coming.  i need to get on the gift thing so i can have everything done and ready to go before the entire area near my house turns into a clusterfuck of traffic.  you see, i live near a mall and i must make sure i have stores of food and water so that i don’t have to be out and about while the stores are open.  mad house and a half.  christmas time and i don’t usually get along.  i usually get stressed out and depressed.  i think it’s cause i’m obligated to be happy at all times.  yea family!  yea going broke!  i hate it.  i try to get into the spirit but i usually just drink heavily and listen to synthetic 80’s christmas carols that piss everyone off but my mom and dad.

well tomorrow is my last day really of vacation.  i’ve got to go stay in mesquite on friday and saturday and then sunday is just going to be preparing for work.  ::sigh::  i’m not excited to go back to work.  i do have a to do list for tomorrow.  cross your fingers for me that i’ll get it all done in time to sit on my ass a good portion of the day.  extra points for waking up early and getting it all done before noon.

  • change my name on my passport
  • grocery shopping
  • pay rent and get stamps to pay the rest of my bills
  • clean my apartment
  • laundry
  • hit the thrift store for more t-shirts for my quilt

this song came on my ipod the other day and it was a complete surprise.  eve more surprising was how much i still liked this song.  enjoy.

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