god bless you ms. spears

there hasn’t been a freak show like you since michael jackson.  i’m loving it.  now i must say i am slightly ashamed since i know you need help and i shouldn’t be amused at your misfortune… but… it’s SO AMUSING!  i justify it by telling myself that you’re an entertainer and you’re damn good at it.  i am very amused.

thursday afternoon update:
i’m drinking at 2 in the afternoon because vista makes me want to kill.
i completed the following of yesterday’s to do list

  • change my name on my passport (didn’t happen cause i didn’t have the $70 for it)
  • grocery shopping
  • pay rent and get stamps to pay the rest of my bills
  • clean my apartment
  • laundry
  • hit the thrift store for more t-shirts for my quilt

rediscovering various CDs that i haven’t listened to in ages.  one of which is remy zero.
got all the windows open in my apartment because it’s my favorite time of year
bought scout a present at target today and she loves it

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