good news and bad news

file the banana republic outlet store at the grapevine mills mall under “good news”.  i happened upon this yesterday and was extremely excited that i could afford stuff in it.  i got a fabulous hoodie and a button up shirt for work for about  $35.  sweet!
now for the bad news.  my favorite shoes in the whole wide world remain elusive to me.  i walked into a journeys and was laughed at my sales dude when i pointed at my feet to indicate what it was i needed from him.

journey’s dude: “do you know how old those are?”
me: “yea”
journey’s dude: “those things are two years old.  anytime we got them in stock we sold out.”
me: “yea.  i’ve been looking for them on the internet too with no luck”
journey’s dude: “yea, good luck.  there are a lot of people looking for those shoes but adidas stopped making them two years ago.”

so i still needed sneakers to replace my shell toes.  so i went in a vans store and got the closest substitute i could find.  not close but they’ll do.  since they stopped making airwalks it was as close as i could get.  it’s a shame when i live in 1995 but it’s 2007 everywhere else.

they’ll do.  i went straight to the dollar store and got the fat laces and laced them up straight across.  they look better now.  once i break them in i think they’ll grow on me.  and when i need a new pair they won’t make them anymore either and the cycle will continue.

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November 17, 2007 at 05:11 AM

those Vans are pretty cool…but then again I'm a big Van'r. Know what
you mean about living in the past. It took me years to finally find a
pair of the Vans I used to wear in the early 90s
( )…and only
because Vans decided to re-release some of their classics. Keep an eye
out…they'll come back 'round eventually…

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