just another manic monday

good things about today

  • work is not beating my ass mercilessly
  • i was a good girl and made lunch for work
  • it’s already 2PM
  • the sticker on my calendar says i’m officially a non-smoker

not as good things about today

  • i spent 50 bucks at kohls on lunch and shouldn’t have
  • i have a back ache that could kill a navy seal
  • i have plenty of work that i should be doing instead of updating my vox
  • the sticker on my calendar says i’m officially a non-smoker and that makes me little sad

i know i’m going to be healthier and live longer and all that but i kind of miss smoking.  oh well. cest la vie.  so this weekend is going to rule on a few different levels.  my best good buddy is flying in to stay with me for the weekend.  happiness.  then i’ll be crashing a wig party on saturday night.  i’ve got this light blue wig with blue and pink lashes that are pretty drag-a-licious.  i’ll have to make sure there are pictures of it.

i’m pretty excitied about tree time coming up.  i’ll be out of the state for thanksgiving but that sunday i get back i’m going to put on my charlie brown christmas CD and be a decorating fool.  why is it that i think christmas is crap but i get all into the tree stuff?  and wrapping things?  the traffic, the baby jesus, the family, santa clause, scary wreaths that sing carols, all of this i could do without.  but give me something to decorate and i go to town.  if you need something wrapped just bring it by my house.  i’d wrap empty cereal boxes just for the fun of it.  i will.  just you wait and see.

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February 07, 2008 at 02:02 PM

you cant do without the baby jesus. or jesi if it may be….

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