well it’s back to tampa for me, as of 6am tomorrow.  i’m not really all that excited about it since i’ll be working the entire time.  i think i’ve said this once before but traveling for work doesn’t usually allow much time for “sight seeing.”  on the off occasion i do get to venture out i usually end up in some chain restaurant with coworkers doing pretty much the same thing i’d be doing at home.  i’m keeping my fingers crossed that saturday won’t be too much of a beating and i can sneak out to the beach.  seriously, pray for me.

well i’m still burned out.  a little thankful that i’ll be beat down with work the next few days.  it will make the week fly by.  thinking i’ll set my out of office and bail at 4 today.  gotta get home and throw out all the food that’s going to go bad and pack, take the trash out, pre-portion food for the cat, the usual out of town checklist.  i’ve got to have a drink in there somewhere though.  this week has been weird.  just “not right.”  i’m generally displeased with it so far.

i’m still going back and forth on the move, though there’s really nothing i can do about it now.  i’m really going to miss my apartment.  i really am a fan of it.  i just need to keep reminding myself that i like it mostly due to the price and it’s gone up, way up.  so i might as well move.  i won’t be paying 35 a month for my gym anymore so i can put that towards the ungodly price of parking.  i called an apartment locator today and they’re getting to work but they sound a little unenthusiastic.  mostly in part to the fact they won’t make that much money on me.  oh well.

so i’ve been blogging more often.  can’t say that the content has been improving dear readers but sorry.  this really isn’t about you guys.  i had a conversation with a friend about dueling blogs and how people read other people’s stuff and then assume it’s about them and then write something about the other person for the sole purpose of having them read it.  silliness, all of it.  i once got chewed out by someone for a vox post that they assumed was about them when in fact it was not.  i wish everyone could be straight forward.  i’m finding that most people don’t really appreciate it, they just think you’re a bitch.  seeing so many things differently sometimes confuses me to the point that i don’t really know where i am (figuratively speaking).  when i think about my life, a year or more ago, the world just seems so small and everything so obvious.  now-a-days it’s like being a kid again.  who the fuck knows what will happen next.

i’m no longer living in the past.  i was firmly stuck back there for a long time.  but then i woke up one day and the whole thing was just too boring to think about.  i’m finally looking into the future where all i see is open space, instead of in the past which was nothing but dead ends.

weird week.


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April 22, 2008 at 03:04 PM

Dude…definitely a weird week for both of us. I'll be hoping that you get to the beach. Fingers and toes crossed.
I am a big fan of being straight forward. That's why I started this whole vox thing in the first place. The more time passes, the less I care about hurting people's feelings. Is that bitchy? Heh!

April 22, 2008 at 04:04 PM

yea some people find it kind of bitchy. but i don't really care so much these days. at least not this summer. SUMMER OF LIZ!

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