monday monday nah nah nah nah nah nah

downsize (10)

scout doesn’t exactly like it when i’m being productive.  she used to hide in the closet when i was cleaning but then soon discovered that i also vacuum my closet.  so this seems to be her new hiding place.  it’s an average monday so far.  work is a little slow and my ex is still behaving like a little boy.  i downloaded two black sabbath albums yesterday to broaden my horizons but i haven’t listened to them yet.  i’m concerned that i might get angry or riled up at work which is not a good idea.  i think it will be perfect jogging music.

i bought a stop watch today to keep better track of my park time.  yesterday i walk/jogged until i got nauseous which only amounted to 25 minutes.  i’m going to try to do a 5 minute warm up and cool down of just walking and then alternate walking 3 min with jogging 1 min.  i heard somewhere this is good for you.  i will see how well it works for me.  if i’m a good this week and next i should be in good shape for los angeles.  i have to be in a swimsuit in orange county, california in october.  looks like i’m going to spray tan too.  “when in rome.”

i still need to hash out this evening’s plans.  i’m finding that in order to keep focused and on track i need to have a schedule that i abide by.  it works very well in the office and i think it would help at home also until i get a routine down.  tough thing is many of the things i’d like to do involve money.  i’m kind of short on that right now.  i’ve cut back the netflix again and set up my budget again.  i’ve actually done fairly well so far.  just need to stay on track.

well there really isn’t enough going on right now to nesseciate a blog post so i’ll go back to work now.

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