elbow room posting

word! i gots me some wifi at the elbow room.  the world is a better place now.  soon (hopefully) i will get the mp3 situation worked out on this thing so i can start with the redradio posts.  i’m over do for a delta spirit entry and i’m going to have to say something about the kool keith show tonight too.  only a week to go before sxsw and i only have 2 posts.  pathetic.

so this place is such an enigma.  the “crowd” seems to change constantly here.  sometimes its doctors on happy hour, sometimes it’s hipsters who seem to have wandered into deep ellum on accident and today it’s a bunch of blue collar working men.  the bar is lined with rough looking men with thick texas accents discussing sports while the shins and the pixies play in the background.  obviously the left over jukebox pics from the night before.  i love it.

to do list, since it’s long overdo

  • work out the mp3 organization between home base PC and my new best friend, the macbook
  • decide if i’m going to name the macbook.  i’ve always called my desktop artex (yes, i am a complete nerd) but now that i have two i have to decide on a satallite name.  or not.
  • fuckin’ post on red radio already
  • go grocery shopping
  • finish the painting i’ve been working on for over a month
  • buy some new frames
  • clean the apartment

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