dart rail countdown

hurry deep ellum station, you cant get here soon enough.  september seemed a long way off but the way time has been flying by i now think it’s right around the corner.

this has been a pretty nice friday so far.  i’ve been making more progress on my place and now i love it more than ever.  there’s still a lot to do but it’s really coming together.  tomorrow i’m on the hunt for new sheets and a bike.  i have my eye on this one.

[vox went under and took this picture with it]

i’ve done a good job cleaning up around here and now i’m relaxing with some excellent 80’s vinyl.  janet jackson’s control and the band’s big pink are what i’m rocking too and surely yaz’s upstairs at erics will be next.  i got an awesome new dress and bag in the mail from the internets today that i can’t wait to take out on the town.  that with my snazzy new glasses i’m sure to be the hawtness.  i’ve started checking out a new show, breaking bad.  i’m about half way through the pilot and i haven’t developed an opinion yet.  the intro was pretty excellent but right now it’s pretty sad.  i’m hoping it goes in another direction.  if i were that guy i’d sell crack too.  so updates to follow after what’s surely going to be an excellent saturday as well.  i know i needed it after this week at work.  it’s likely to get even heavier that next few weeks but at the end of all that i’ll be on a cruise ship in italy.  SCORE!

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June 21, 2009 at 05:06 PM

Get a bike with fenders.

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