excellence comes in many forms

i’d consider today a good day.  i had a delicious brunch at one of my favorite restaurants with my wonderful family, i finished painting my living/bed room, i scrubbed my bathroom to a shine and i’m all done by 6:30PM.  i’m caught up on my bills and i have food in the fridge.  these things are all good.

tomorrow is the start of a new week.  i’m going to try to get into work super early so that i can be completely prepared for nashville next week.  there’s so much going on right now that i’m staying pretty motivated.  i don’t feel bad for eating bueno twice last week because of everything i’ve managed to accomplish the last few weeks.  my savings can is now designated for bike savings.  i didn’t pick up on yesterday because i couldn’t really afford the one i wanted.  so i’m going to wait.  i won’t be in town much the next 2 months so i’m not too bummed that i have to wait.  because today is so great i’ve decided to post another pic of my fabulous roomie.

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