all the art in italy

i think all the art in italy is in florence. this morning the sea was really choppy and my mom got some good video of chair sliding across the deck. i got a little sick after a while. we docked early in the morning, around 8 am and were gone all day. a bus ride through tuscany showed me row after row of vineyards, olive orchards and adorable, picturesque cottages. i wish we could have pulled over and spent an extra day just eating and drinking in the sun. if i ever have the opportunity to go back to italy i will definitely revisit rome and spend some time in the countryside. our tour guide today was sam and i thought he has pretty fantastic. he reminded me a little bit of my flag corps instructor from high school, mr. davis. i saw michelangelo’s david and it was like it wasn’t real. after you see copies of something over and over again you just assume it’s all a copy. though the weight of what i was seeing hit me when we got to galileo’s tomb. i teared up i was so moved.



i was surprised at the amount of graffiti all over everything. it was interesting to see the mix of old and new school.


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