amalfi: land of limoncello

about this point in the trip i’m glad i brought several headbands because it’s impossible getting my hair clean on the ship. i don’t know if it’s the shampoo or the water or what but it just feels like straw. tonight i may just work some conditioner into it an leave it until sunday when i get home. this morning i had two cosmos before noon which put me in an excellent mood to start. i think amalfi is probably the most beautiful italian city i’ve seen so far. the coast is amazing and seems to be filled with locals on the beaches and in the water cruising around and playing a cross between water polo and basketball. much different from portofino. portofino was small and expensive but amalfi seemed much larger, less expensive and full of activity. the locals seem to really like it here. mom and i wandered around the shops and ate at a cafe. i had limoncella and a fettachini with mushroom sauce. it was delicious. i bought a bottle to bring back home to enjoy by the pool.

that’s our ship in the background


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