home sweet home

the general and i

nashville was interesting.  i got to meet a lot of the people i work with on a daily basis.  they were all very nice.  we got a lot done and i’m freaking out a lot less.  one week to go until italy.  today’s events:

  • went shopping with mom
  • cleaned out my closet and filled 3 bags of stuff to get rid of
  • finished laundry
  • cleaned house

currently i’m relaxing and watching a movie i had a lot of doubt in.  either my expectations were so low anything would seem good or this is actually pretty good.

danny mcbride

it’s a lot like an american version of ricky gervais in an uncomfortable, documentary style kind of way.  it’s awkwardly funny and sad at the same time.  that and my dole strawberry popsicle are making this a pretty good evening.  tomorrow i’m looking forward to checking out moon.  where is sam rockwell’s oscar.  i’ve been a fan for a long time and i hope this is his year.

sam rockwell in moon

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