i go to the vatican

wow.  the vatican.  i was completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the art and wealth of the city.  every room on the way to the sistine chapel was covered in wall to wall paintings and gold.  it would have been enough to make god blush.  our tour guide emanuella was very nice and extremely knowledgeable.  after the tour she took us to a restaurnt that her friends owned.  i swear i’ve never eaten so well in all my life and maybe never will again.  after the vatican and st peter’s square we saw the pantheon and walked around the city a bit. my dad and grandmother had found a restaurant the night before (while i was passed out) and took us there.  my dad was already buddies with the waitstaff (surprise) and the food was amazing.  the appetizer was the size of about 2 meals.  i was completely stuffed.  afterwards we went to the trevi fountain and then drank beer on the spanish steps.  i met a nice german man named willie and we talked about couchsurfing.org.  it’s such a god send to travelers.

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