july 5th

me outside the meridian room

i had a good july 4th yesterday.  after relaxing at home i went out with some friends to catch the fireworks at fair park. instead of dealing with the crowds we camped out at the meridian room across the street with good beer and food and watched the show.

fair park fireworks

i have the last bit of turkey left in the fridge to finish up before i go pescatarian.  i think the trip to italy is an excellent time to switch to this diet since i’m not generally big on fish.  the cruise is known for the excellent food and if i don’t like fish in italy i won’t like it anywhere.  if that’s the case i will have try full vegetarian.  i really want to cut out mammals and poultry.  i’m reading another book about food and for a while i thought i was just choosing books that were pushing vegetarian propaganda.  as more time goes on i’m thinking it’s just that i don’t like how the food industry in this country handles meat.  right now i’m reading the omnivore’s dilemma and the chapters i’ve read so far are focusing on america’s dependance on corn.  not because of necessity but by choice.

The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

one of the most disturbing things i’ve read is on the cow and how, because of all the surplus corn, we are trying to train rumens to eat corn instead of grass.  much of the cattle sent to the grocery store never eats a blade of grass after they are 3 months old or so.  kind of sad given that they’re generally slaughtered at 18 months.  also i read some interesting things about grazing paddocks and how raising chicken and cows on traditional farms improves the landscape.  did you know that the same technology used to make bombs it what we use to fertilize our crops?  we can’t use animal manure anymore because it’s so filled with antibiotics and chemicals from the food that it would kill the crops.  that manure is dumped, runs out to sea and kills all the fish.  so sad.

but enough about that.  i don’t want to get all preachy.  when i first looked into becoming vegetarian i read the PETA website and immediately changed my mind.  those people are just batty.  today has been fairly eventful and it’s only 1PM.  so far i’ve practiced yoga and some meditation.  i’ve cleaned the kitchen and next i’ll tackle the rest of the place.  i’m planning on studying some japanese later as well.

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July 08, 2009 at 08:07 AM

PETA is bs. Extremest tend to be on the crazy side. As for your diet, it is TERRIBLY important to be a good vegetarian. That means getting your protein. I do that with fish (I used to hate it too but learned to love it slowly…started with Salmon cause I liked it ok…then progressed. Now I'm on sushi and need to tackle oysters). Just an example, I forgot someone's name the other day who I have worked with for a year. It took me a whole minute to remember. Why? Hadn't had protein in a couple of days.

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