la spezia

i took it easy today. i ended up with an upset stomach late last night, probably due to the cigarettes i smoked yesterday and didn’t get to sleep until 5am or so. i didn’t go onshore today but instead woke up around 2 and had lunch before laying by the pool until around 5. we dock in monte carlo tomorrow where i plan on having a similar agenda. i’m enjoying the time on the ship but i’m looking forward to getting home. rome was amazing but these filthy rich ports are kind of the same. the food is great but if i don’t want to drink tap water (which ive been doing quite a bit of) its $10 a drink.

right now i’m sitting on the terrace and feeling quite comfortable and sleepy. dinner was amazing apart from the general irritability from everyone at the table. tomorrow i think i’ll keep the covers over my head until everyone disembarks again and then go poke around monte carlo for about an hour or so before retiring back to the pool deck. maybe i will treat myself to a margarita and a nap.


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