pompeii and about 20 minutes in napoli

pompeii was huge.  apparently they continue discovering stuff all the time.  i could see the teams of archaeologists working as i walked around the ruins.  they had casts of some of the bodies they had found in that had been preserved.  it was creepy.  and made even creepier by the fact that mount vesuvius was visible the whole time. it was in incredible how much had been preserved.  you could still see the intricate tile designs on the the floors and the paintings on the wall.  once i found out how close napoli was i decided i HAD to eat pizza there.  no one else had any interest so i hopped on the train alone.  once i made it there and stepped off the train i was surrounded by complete chaos and couldn’t even get across the street.  i had to be back on the ship by 5 and the train ride back to sorrento, followed by a cab may have had me in too late.  so rather than risk getting completely lost i headed back.  the graffiti along the train was awesome and i wished i had gotten more pictures.  as soon as i would pull out my camera i would see nothing for a while.  then when i put it back it would start up again.  the port at sorrento was willed with cats which was interesting and i saw stray dogs all over pompeii.  it was cute.


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