port a portafino

our first port was portofino which was very small and very pretty. it’s the type of place that you see in movies and commercials for video cameras. i trekked around and got some blisters but all in all had a very relaxing time. i found a great little gallery where the artist specialized in horses and came extremely close to purchasing a small print for about 60 bucks. i talked myself out of it. i picked up a pack of cigarettes and had one in a little cafe right on the water with a strawberry gelato and ran into the fam. my mom got me an iced coffee that tasted a lot like a frappachino. it had been recommended to her by someone and it was called a granita cafe.

we i got back to the ship i ran into mom by the pool and we had a few cocktails and people watched before dinner. grandmother and i went to dinner at a community table where we met a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary and a pair of newlyweds. the conversation was interesting and all in all we had a good time.


my mom really really likes pink


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