the ship

today was pretty slow thankfully.  if i hadn’t mentioned, this is a family vacation (mom, dad, brother and grandmother).  on the 3rd day i think we started needing some time apart.  standard family drama.  my mom and i broke from the pack and went shopping for an hour or so along the streets near our hotel.  i picked up a few things and was clearly and deliberately snubbed by a shop keeper.  after all, i am a stupid american.  afterwards i took a xanex and napped on the bus on the way to the ship.  i’d never been on a cruise ship before and found the whole thing very interesting.  the cabin is super nice and  i took some video and only 7 pics today total as opposed to yesterday’s 172.  can’t say i saw a lot.  the bus ride (which i slept on) was through the italian countryside which was nice to see for about 5 minutes and then looked about the same.  imagine the drive from dallas to austin with more trees and red roofs.  the cruise ship is full of white people and all english speakers.  kind of takes the traveling aspect away a bit.  we had the all too important “what to do if we sink in the mediterranean sea” drill and we got some good pictures out of that.  the food is amazing and i had the best pasta, wine and cheesecake.  grandmother and i hung out for a while before taking a walk around the ship and then retiring for the evening.  i miss rome.  i miss the random fountains around the city that you can randomly drink from.  i miss the inescapable feeling that you are far, far away from home.  tomorrow we dock in portofino, italy.  my hope is that i can break free from the family, get lost for a few hours and relax.  sit under a tree with some food and a drink and try to eavesdrop on locals, just to test my italian skills.  maybe get back in tine for some sushi and a cocktail by the pool.


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