weirdo weather

moments before

on my way home from work today i noticed some storm clouds and simply thought “hmm, looks like it might rain.”  once i got home and heard the patter of rain on the window i looked out and noticed a lovely rainbow.  not more than 5 minutes later my window was being assaulted with nearly quarter sized hail.  it came down like crazy and then was done in under 10 minutes.  i was scared to death that my windows were going to give out.  i called my landlord again and asked when they were going to be replaced.  it’s supposed to be sometime this month

so i’ve got another boring post here.  i’ve since discovered that i do indeed have cable if i unplug the internet so i was able to watch so you think you can dance.  i love that show.  now i’m watching bad tv over the internet and waiting for 11PM.  got more work to do tonight.  i’m exhausted but only two days left until i can shut my phone off and relax for two weeks straight.

until then i have to pretend like i’m not watching america’s got talent and eating mac n’ cheese on the couch.  oh, please to say it’s day 2 no meat.  since fish doesn’t reheat well and i’m too exhausted to cook i’ve mostly been ingesting garbage.  oh well.  i give myself a pass until august when everything slows down a bit.

there's a reason this airs in the summer

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