fall had quite the entrance this year.  one day it was suddenly crisp.  so suddenly in fact some friends had been at the pool just the day before.  then the rain cloud descended and stuck around for weeks.  it’s still not entirely clear and sunny though today gave a good effort.  the lack of sun took such a toll on my that i decided to give myself an extra day this weekend to sleep in.  i’m hoping this weekend is full of shenanigans.  i’m planning to hit the fair twice, catch a “funk show”, see some of the texas/ou game or some colorful fans and maybe if i’m feeling generous help a friend move.

the fair has been a lot of fun this year.  and i’ve even been on a few rides which was unexpected but a total blast.  the corny dogs and fried everything has taken a toll causing me to sign up at the gym at work.  i will soon be the hotness, watch out.  it feels like a friday so i’m extremely pleased it’s only a thursday.  and that means project runway day!

R.I.P. blackberry storm.  i switched back to my plain old flip phone and sold off the fancy phone.  i did get some good pictures out of it before i sent it away for more money to spend at the fair.

ferris wheel

the midway


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