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it’s sunday morning and i’m finishing up season 5 of lost.  in december i decided i would re-watch the entire series in preparation for the final season.  so far i’ve gained a little more perspective on the show but not by much.  i still think i’m right about locke though the jury is still out on ben.

i took on two cooking projects this weekend.  one turned out okay and the other i’ll get to sample later this afternoon.  first was a shepherd’s pie and the second an italian cream cake for my granny’s 80th birthday.  i had never had shepherd’s pie before so i relied on jac to tell me if it turned out how it was supposed to.  he seems to like it quite a bit so i’m assuming i did an alright job.  i can think of several changes i’ll be making to the recipe.  first, i think i should combine the cheese with the mashed potatoes instead of having the layer of cheese on top.  second, the recipe says to brown the lamb with the cooked veggies.  next time i’m going to brown the lamb separately so that i can drain the oil out.  oh, and more veggies.  maybe some peas and bell peppers?  mushrooms?

second undertaking was the italian cream cake.  i have never baked a cake from scratch before but i think i did pretty well.  this afternoon i’m meeting up with my family to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday.  i’m excited to try the cake and see just how well i did.  fingers crossed.


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February 03, 2010 at 06:02 AM

love the pics — but i am sure you would make a potato sack look good.
Cool blog look forward to reading your next post

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