no matter what i do i just can’t seem to get my place clean. ask anyone who knows me and they will attest that i am constantly cleaning. or talking about how i need to be cleaning. yet, all i see are smudges and dust and piles of unorganized crap everywhere. i’m looking forward to that spring cleaning day when it’s nice out and i can open all the windows and scrub this place top to bottom. i’ve considered hiring a maid for a one time deep cleaning but what sense does that make when my place is under 800 square feet. i have no kids. i’m not pairing school with my full time job. i should be able to work this into my schedule.

so next week i head to miami for work (score) and the weekend i get back is the weekend that jac leaves for his beard party. that will be the weekend i will clean everything. bottle of wine in the kitchen and britney spears on the cd player. i already feel better about it now that i have set a date that it will get done. i feel even better that that date is not today. i’m still suffering from an irritatingly painful sore throat and must get a nap in before i go messing with “the network” tonight.

news: google reader told me today about google buzz which may revolutionize the way i bother people with random stuff i find on the internet. my google reader is pretty awesome but since my boyfriend is the only person following me i don’t cast that wide of a net. once i get this buzz thing going on my gmail i’ll be able to bug everyone else with gmail and beyond, or so i hope. i could just post all this stuff on facebook but i have a love/hate relationship with facebook. i’m completely addicted it’s true, but every time i log into it feel guilty. i think “you could be doing so many other things with your time right now.”

speaking of internet loves i’ve been cruising soundcloud quite a bit lately since i’ve moved from a folk phase to an electro phase.  since you can download the tracks you like i’ve been stocking up a collection of remixes and mashups to take to the gym with me when i finally decide to go.  they’ve got a gazillion tracks by different people and the search feature helps me find all the britney tracks.  i am not ashamed.

Britney Spears – Womanizer (Neo Tokyo Remix) by mockery man

i’ve almost decided to quit my project365 since i’ve been failing miserably at it so far.  i’ve made it to day 44 with 4 failures (i think) but have not been uploading in a timely fashion.  i have a hard time finding inspiration daily and have ended up with a ton of pictures of my cat, my loft and my boyfriend.  i guess that isn’t so bad but i had higher expectations.  the beginning of 2010 has proven to be difficult as far as motivation goes.  i need to remind myself i’ll be 30 this october.  or just go back to new york city.  eat pizza and drink beer in brooklyn bars like this one.


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March 05, 2010 at 01:03 AM

Come back to New York, drink beer and eat pizza. There’s a couch here for you :)

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