miami adventures part une

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i’ve been in pembroke pines, fl all week for work and i think i misstated in the title when i say “adventures”.  it’s been grueling, diligent work but that’s why i get paid the big bucks (so they say)?  before i can move on to “me updates” please allow me to vent.  these…

… are crap.  powerful my ass.  the instructions suggest that you leave it one for AT LEAST 30 minutes before any pain relief but optimally for 8 hours to get the “full effect”.  well i might as well have duct taped several hand warmers together and laid on it for all this did.  i’m disappointed and in some pretty  uncomfortable back and neck pain.  thermacare sold me false hope for 6 dollars.  i hope you’re proud of your self therma care.

i get to go home tomorrow afternoon.  i miss my cat and my bed.  i have several TV shows to catch up on.  so far no one has ruined lost for me.  what else… oh!  i got my first spam comment.  i feel like a real blogger now.  i’m so proud.  so florida… can’t say much about it since i’ve spent all my free time sleeping.  i had cuban food today and already cheated on my lent promise of giving up meat.  but i think it’s dumb to pass up cuban food when traveling in southern florida for lent when i’m not even catholic.  tasted just like gloria’s.

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i hope i don’t offend any cubans when i say this but… i like gloria’s better.  this place was recommended by a true southern floridian and my coworker and i were the only gringas in the place so i don’t doubt it’s authenticity.  it was called ‘las vegas’ (pronounced las begas) and was really good.  though it only made me miss tex mex.  the neatest thing i’ve seen this week has been jp mulligans.  from the outside it looks like a tiny dive bar.  i had doubts walking in until i noticed the ice hockey rink in the back.  yes, ice hockey games were happening.  right there.  seemed completely out of place.  but that is the one thing i’ll remember about my trip this week.

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