snow day

i can’t remember the last time i’ve seen so much snow in dallas.  it’s been nice to relax indoors but i’m beginning to run out of food and toilet paper.  good thing there’s a subway and a 7|11 nearby.  next week i’ll be in 70 degree weather in miami so i know i should enjoy this cold weather as much as possible.  my cold is starting to go away.  i’m still congested but i no longer feel like my head is completely stuffed with cotton.  now it’s only my nose that feels this way.  so i felt well enough to go outside and take some pictures today, most of which turned out pretty good.

the to do list for this weekend includes some chores and another cooking adventure.  this time it’s my grandfather’s beef stroganoff recipe.  it’s unique from other stroganoffs i’ve tried because it’s nuclear orange.  this is because of all the sour cream in it.  don’t judge, it’s delicious.  and because i haven’t done a to do list since migrating from vox (and be cause i love lists) here is this weekend’s to do list.

  • pack for miami
  • make beef stroganoff
  • clean the kitchen and bathroom
  • get well
  • auto registration
  • grocery shopping

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