liz and the giant peach

warning: lost spoilers

i have a feeling lost is going to go down in television history for being one of the worst jokes ever played on the american public.  with only a few episodes left i don’t see any way they’re going to be able to explain WTF is going on any where near to my satisfaction.  so the island is a glowing ball of light?  like life?  and if it goes out everyone dies?  okay… but it went out when jacob shoved his brother in it.  not everyone is dead and the island is still magnetic.  note: i refer to the other brother/new lock/smoke monster/man in black as thomas because i swear i heard him called that at some point.  so the wheel thomas was referring to actually got built and ben used it to get to the desert and mess with sayid.  so huh?  what?  the reason they’re on the island is to protect a glowy spring that dried up and became a smoke monster?  how about this.  i don’t care.  hurry up and finish the series so that i can get that hour of my life back on tuesdays.


on to pleasant things.  my trip to greenville was fantastic.

i was so glad i was able to spend some quality time with my good friend holley who i hadn’t seen in forever.  it was like she never left texas.  we drove up to caesar’s head which was in the blue ridge mountains.  i haven’t been up in mountains in about 15 years.  we don’t have very many here in dallas.  downtown greenville was great.  they were having an arts fair while i was there called artisphere.   there is also a river with falls and a suspension bridge over a large park that was gorgeous.  i also go to see the giant ass-shaped water tower in gaffney.  it was supposed to be a peach but that’s not what it looked like.

it’s about bed time now.  i’m in the midst of 3 books right now and i’m very interested in 2 of them.  i don’t know when/if i’ll finish the clear skin diet.  it reads like a text book and repeats itself a lot for emphasis.  i’ve learned some interesting things that in hind sight should have been obvious.  however i think the intended audience is dermatologists or students of dermatology.  i’m half way through tell all by chuck palahniuk and i’m really enjoying a book of short stories about the apocalypse.  it’s getting harder to type with scout crawling all over the keyboard.  it’s bedtime and she knows it.  but before i go i must share this video of this middle school kid performing lady gaga’s paparazzi.  i clicked the link expecting to laugh but instead was pretty blown away.  there are some crazy talented kids out there.


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