party and bullpocky

Biggie Smalls – Party and Bullshit ( Ratatat Remix ) by Mixes and Mashups #1

watched notorious last night, a biopic about biggie smalls.  it was okay.  i had my macbook nearby for on the fly wikipedia searches.  i don’t know if i can even watch a biopic without researching everything while it’s playing.  “oh that’s supposed to be lil’ kim?  how did diddy get started?  where was jay-z during all of this?”  etc.  parts of the film seemed a little forced and cliche.  i thought they could have developed some of the characters a little further like lil cease and biggie’s friend who went to jail for him.  also angela bassett was a little distracting as biggie’s mom.  she’s a fabulous actress and at times it seemed as though she was the only one who showed up to act.  a stronger supporting cast would have helped.  mostly i just found the story interesting.  i wasn’t into rap or hip hop in the 90’s and never really understood the east coast/west coast drama.  this certainly fueled more wiki searches.

day 2 no facebook.  this morning i thought about posting something that i found on google reader to my “wall” and then remembered i can’t.  i still don’t miss it.  that’s what this blog is for anyways.  two of the most important people in my life (hi mom and jac!) read this and i don’t care if someone i haven’t spoken to in a decade sees a music video that made me laugh.  i really like leo and his zen habits blog.  today there was a post about balance from anastaiya goers where she outlines 5 ways to improve it in your life.  the mindfulness is always a challenge for me but i think i’ve made a lot of progress on #2 and #5.  i really like where she sugests “simplify your relationships by connecting with people you truly care about and getting rid of the ones you don’t.” it sounds harsh but weeding out old acquaintances i never speak to gives me more time to focus on my real friends.  i have time to pick up the phone and call a good friend i haven’t spoken to in a year and talk to them about their life as opposed to casually looking at photos.  i know facebook is a worthwhile addition to some people lives, keeping up with friends from out of town, networking for new opportunities (career and otherwise).  we’ll see if disappearing from the face of facebook really improves my life or not.  i’m hopeful that after the initial growing pains (after my friends and family get used to it) it will be a decision i don’t regret.

i’m looking forward to my mini vacation this weekend.  i’m going to visit a good friend of mine in greenville, sc.  i adore traveling and i hope i get to so some more of it this year.  i need to go back to NYC.  jac’s never been so it’s the perfect excuse to take him.  i took this picture from the top of the empire state building in 2003.

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