change is in the air


my world is a little upside down right now.  jac is moving in and the loft is a bona fide disaster area.  the hope is that by saturday afternoon we can start moving around without stepping on cats or piles of stuff.  i can barely see the dining table.  after that gets sorted i can turn my attention back to the blog layout.  i’m excited about where i’m headed with it.

dallas news:

dominique jones comes to the mavericks

ludacris came to promote his new booze

i am learning do much about my neighborhood lately, like why parking is so bad

the rape of fry street continues

who’s moving here?  who’s moving out? very interesting

other stuff:

i wish i’d known this sooner about toxic friends.  thankfully everyone in my life now is completely amazing, only took til i was 30.

i couldn’t believe this catalog photo.  a bleeding child as an accent color?  nice.

i’m in a janet kind of mood