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– i continue to tweek my wordpress theme in an attempt to get it just the way i want it.  i’ve got an issue with the font and column size at the moment and i wouldn’t mind tweaking the header a bit more.  in the process i’m learning a bit about CSS.

– the cat’s are still alive.  each day they seems to ignore each other a little more and that’s all i’m hoping for at this point.

– still no p90x.  today is the day i stop procrastinating.  today!

– my cooking repertoire is growing.  last night i made cuban black beans and rice.  the recipe was a bit bland so i added some chipotle pepper to give it some spice.  that did the trick.

this is pretty excellent:

-i had no idea that it is better to rent in dallas than to buy.  i feel so much better about not owning a house.

-kayak.com (already my favorite place for plane tickets) has an explore feature where you put in how much you want to spend and  a world map comes up with where you can go.  you can get surprisingly far with 600 bucks.

-gala darling convinces me i need to book a girls weekend in vegas.  soon.

-when i do end up buying a house i’m going to do this to every room


the black diamond heavies are phenomenal. truly.

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m. dominicreply
June 29, 2010 at 03:06 PM

i just want you to know, i’d totally invite zq to my tea party too.

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