week flash


– it’s decided.  the boyfriend is moving in.  updates to come on if the cats get along or not.

my new phone came in the mail.  i’m impressed.  i’m testing my mom on how well she adapts to technology when i take her the moto droid tomorrow.

– i declare (along with many others) that the new gaga video alejandro is very madonna-y
things that made me smile this week:

the dallas observer takes several embarrassing photos of some raver kids
– this quote “Don’t Kanye me. Or I’ll Chris Brown you and Tiger Woods your mother.”
thom yorke foretells the music industry apocalypse

– (via coilhouse) “The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, and his leading lady, Polish born, Czech actress Anny Ondra, perform a sound check for his feature film Blackmail in 1929 which was released in both a silent and “all-talkie” version. What begins as an innocent little back and forth is quickly turned into crude double entendre with a [“that’s what she said”] or in this case “as the girl said to the soldier.”

– i would like to own this coffee table please

The Papervore from Pigeontail Design on Vimeo.

– (via ffffound) hmmmm…. that guy looks familiar


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