dear diary

the dust is beginning to settle and life is returning to normal.  i’m beginning to think rationally again and things are falling into place.  today i deep cleaned my kitchen and ended up with a huge pile of things to sell or give away.  included in that pile is a large piece of furniture, a bike, and my old film SLR camera.  pretty amazing since i’ve only de-cluttered about a fourth of my space.  when i get to the closet i’m sure the pile will triple in size.

i understand why they say don’t make any major decisions while you’re going through a time of immense stress.  in the last month i’ve rejoined facebook, considered moving to florida, budgeted myself down to my last dime and got a spray tan.  thankfully none of these are irreversible and i had the clarity of mind to hold off on any major decisions.  i’m excited about tomorrow again, and not in a frantic way.  i’m pleased to say the worst is over.