goals 8|17|10

i was inspired by elsie’s post but she specifically stated “simple” and “not result oriented” which i am defying entirely so i guess i’m branching out on my own here. i tried to think of little things i could do each day but, being the martha beck student i am, decided that if i’m in square two i’d better embrace it. if you don’t understand “square two” read this book. it changed my life.

i’m going to do my best to track these goals to see how they expand or contract based on where life takes me.  it’s been quite an interesting ride so far and i’ve learned not to judge, expect, or fear change.  as of today, i hope to accomplish the following soon.

1 | move to hill country. this is a big one. it has eluded me for going on 10 years now and i have given up on this dream continuously. now is the time. what has held me back the most is my job. i adore it and i worked hard to get it, however… my days in d-town are numbered. they always have been. currently applying in greener pastures.

2 | meditate every day. i was amazed at how not ill i was after i began practicing meditation. i’ve been an anxious, unhappy person for a big chunk of my life but have found that a little mindfulness solves a world of problems.

3 | complete apartment therapy’s eight step home cure (the deep treatment). my aesthetic at home has always been a big deal to me but i’ve never quite found the right style. apartment therapy has been my design porn for quite a while and i’m following their suggestions on how to make my loft truly reflect and serve me. if i finish the deep treatment in time, i hope to participate in the upcoming fall cure and complete the one room remedy section of the book.


4 | eat 50% fresh fruits and vegetables every day. this may be a no brainer to most but if you are what you eat then i am a tex-mex sampler. regular exercise has been a challenge for me for most of my adult life. i even have trouble spelling it. so i figure if i improve my diet the energy will come.

wish me luck