the week in pictures 8|15|10

1 | i know i’ve mentioned this before but i have the best friends. after a stressful week where i was about to lose it, a good friend took me to some gay bars and then hit the pool. he got those swim trunks that night. sexy!

2 | when i got off work on friday i headed south to austin for more RnR and headed to krause springs. it’s hill country watering hole at its finest. i love texas.

3 | the story is the krause family bought the property in the early fifties and, after raising hogs on it for years, decided other people might like to come visit. they opened up camp sites in the late 80s.

4 | i know all of this because i met one of the krauses in the butterfly garden while he was mowing. super nice man. they all still live on the property. i can’t imagine this being your backyard.

5 | in the back corner of the garden there was a hammock with giant wind chimes overhead that emitted these low tones. i need this exact set up in my future backyard.

6 | and just when i thought the world was about as ridiculous as it could possibly get, i stumbled across this tupac incense burner. all yours for the low low price of 28.95.