week in pictures 8|22|10


1 | it has been a slow week for pictures because i’ve been busy doing everything but. the guitars have come out of retirement and it’s felt good to play again. it can be sad stumbling through songs i used to play well but i know i’ll get back there if i practice.

2 | scout kitty has been very needy lately. i don’t know if she misses her kitty roomie (i don’t know how she could, he was only here 3 weeks and terrorized her constantly) or if she’s just pissed that i left her for two days to go to austin. most likely the latter. she’s about to go back to the vet to see if these supplements are doing any good for her little kitty kidneys.

3 | a new app for my phone has me taking more pictures with it than with my DSLR. i found vingette the other day and it’s too much fun. i’m afraid for a while all of my pictures are going to have crazy vintage effects. please bear with me. jennifer and i had lunch today at cafe brazil and my phone made it look like we were in a diner in the 60’s.

4 | i didn’t think i had anything else to get rid of but my “outbox” for my apartment therapy cure has grown rather large. i begin week 3 tomorrow and have 3 posts on craigslist for the stuff i think may be worth some money. i’m saving for a trip to the cayman islands with some friends in febuary.