the first movie that came in my netflix queu was alfred hitchcock’s rebecca.  this was the oscar best picture for 1940 and deservedly so.  well, i think i should mention that i haven’t seen many of the movies nominated for best picture in 1940 but this one was really good.  the plot follows  a young woman who meets and falls in love with a very wealthy and famous man while working as a “companion” for older rich lady in monaco.  max de winter (the celebrity) has recently lost his wife to drowning and is by all accounts beside himself with grief.  some how he is quite taken with her and decides they should get married and move back to his estate in england.  shortly after she arrives she realizes mrs. de winter #1 still has quite a presence in the house and mrs. de winter #2 feels that she must constantly make up for not also being a glitzy socialite.  just about the time you stop feeling sorry for her (she really should have seen this coming) hitchcock delivers a plot changing twist that changes what the whole story seems to be about.  mrs. danvers, the obsessed housekeeper, was exceptionally creepy in a classic suspense kind of way.

the movie was an unexpected commentary on insecurity and how it can distort your perception.  also it reminds us it’s best not to assume how people are feeling.  once you discover the truth you can realize that all of your stressing and trying to be something you’re not was unnecessary.   after i finish all of the best picture winners i’ll need to make sure i check out any other hitchcock movies i’ve missed.

sunrise is sitting on my dvd player now though i’m a little nervous about the 3 hour “emotional odyssey” about a couple in the country from 1927.  i need to make sure i’m not sleepy when i tackle that one.  38 more to go.  wow.

1928 Wings, Sunrise
1929 Broadway Melody, The
1930 All Quiet on the Western Front
1931 City Lights
1932 Grand Hotel
1933 Cavalcade
1935 Mutiny on the Bounty
1936 Great Ziegfeld, The
1937 Life of Emile Zola, The
1938 You Can’t Take It With You
1941 How Green Was My Valley
1942 Mrs. Miniver
1943 Casablanca
1944 Going My Way
1945 The Lost Weekend
1946 The Best Years of Our Lives
1947 Gentleman’s Agreement
1949 All the King’s Men
1951 An American in Paris
1952 The Greatest Show on Earth
1953 From Here to Eternity
1955 Marty
1956 Around the World in 80 Days
1963 Tom Jones
1966 A Man for All Seasons
1967 In the Heat of the Night
1969 Midnight Cowboy
1978 The Deer Hunter
1980 Ordinary People
1981 Chariots of Fire
1982 Gandhi
1983 Terms of Endearment
1985 Out of Africa
1992 Unforgiven
1996 The English Patient
2004 Million Dollar Baby
2009 The Hurt Locker