the week in pictures 9 | 6 | 10

1 | this week started out great and finished even better. i found a quote from buddha saying “what you are is what you have been. what you’ll be is what you do now” and i really tried to take it to heart. i’m always telling myself i need to get out of my desk and get out at lunch and this week i did it. twice.
2 | part of my 8 step home cure is to make my own invitations to a party that i have at the end of the 8 weeks. the 8 weeks are up right around my birthday so i decided on a fair theme. i’m fair obsessed and lucky enough to have it open during my favorite month, october. i designed my invites in photoshop and mad my own envelopes out of construction paper. i was really happy with how they turned out. playing in photoshop has been a hobby of mine for a while and i’m nurturing that while still trying to decide what to go back to school for.
3 | this week my real camera didn’t get out much because i was out constantly. so this was a week in camera phone pictures. at the pool saturday we thought it was a bit comical that i was the odd man out without an iphone. i’m such a company (wo)man.

4 | the snacks at the pool were fantastic. we grilled bacon wrapped shrimp, chicken and shrimp kabobs, grilled cheese (as in cheese you put directly on the grill, no bread needed), watermelon, strawberries, spicy tai chips, organic sweet tea, and of course beer. dearl had grill duty as the lone man until yoani showed up.
5 | friday night i fell in love with an older man. sarah and i headed out to fort worth to see dale watson at lola’s saloon.  i loved it.  he has swagger and a grey pompadour and the songs were really clever.  it’s official, i’m a fan.  there were a few fairly cute cowboys who insisted on teaching me to two step.  it was fun but i’m pretty lousy at it.  i tried to explain the whole 3/4 time during 4/4 time screwing me up to my friends but i got funny looks.  all those damn music classes when i was younger.
6 | sunday jennifer and i grabbed burgers at twisted root before heading to trees for the lash outs/ataris show.  the lash outs are a fab punk/pop band that i discovered through a friend at work.  he plays rhythm guitar and his brother does lead guitar and vocals.  vary rarely do i know someone in a band that actually really good so i was happy to go.  the ataris i’d never heard before and they were beyond kick ass.  two days and two new favorite bands.  it was a good weekend.
7 | the ataris