Retired and Extremely Dangerous. fantastic movie and i can’t wait to see it again. bruce willis was incredibly sexy as usual. john malkovich was comic genius. morgan freeman was morgan freeman (you can’t go wrong there). helen mirren really surprised me and i liked it. i didn’t expect to laugh as hard as i did. i expected to be completely irritated by mary-louise parker but wasn’t. as her character on weeds has become more and more worthless i’ve lost my love a little bit. west wing = good call. last few seasons of weeds = bad decision. she was cute in this movie and the director knew when to send her away to not be seen or heard for a little while.

if you don’t already know what this movie is about, frank moses is a retired CIA special agent who develops a crush over the phone on the woman who sends his pension checks. without spoiling the plot, some guys show up to kill him and he goes and gets the pension check lady (he assumes “they” want to kill her because he likes her). while trying to uncover who wants him dead he looks up some old colleagues for help and uncovers an even larger, sinister plot that they have to expose/stop. one of my favorite parts of the whole movie is when morgan freeman slaps richard dreyfuss in the face. yes, you read that right. morgan freeman slaps richard dreyfuss in the face. it’s fantastic.

go see this. now. it’s awesome.