mad crushin’ on carrie brownstein

Carrie Brownstein

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guitarist for sleater-kinney
blogger for monitor mix
part of the all songs considered crew
actress/writer on portlandia

i started reading monitor mix after hearing carrie on one of my favorite podcasts, all songs considered. occasionally bob will have carrie, robin hilton and stephen thompson on to bicker about who has better music taste, their new favorite songs and just generally give each other a hard time. these were always my favorite episodes because it was like hanging out with my fantasy music snob friends.

i had heard of sleater-kinney but had never really listened to them in the 90’s. i’m slowly becoming a fan the more i listen to their songs. i was impressed that rolling stone magazine had listed her in the their readers top 25 underrated guitarists of all time. she made it in at #12, the highest lady on the list and above billy corgan at #22. i disagree with that ranking but also doubt that billy can be considered “underrated”. also, wikipedia says that jeremy enigk taught her to play guitar. she seems to keep pretty good company.

so now it looks like she’s got her own comedy show produced by david cross and costarring fred armisen of SNL fame. the show debuts january 21st but you can watch the first episode on hulu and the ifc website. i like it, i really like it. i was glad to hear it’s a short series (6 episodes) because i wasn’t quite sure how they would keep this very specific subject matter going very long. steve buscemi makes an appearance for celebrity appearance sake. the opening song about the 90’s dream was the tits.

as i continue further into my year of fail (that has actually been pretty successful so far) i will channel my inner carrie brownstein. she’s inching towards my new role model status.