mutiny on the bounty

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next up, mutiny on the bounty. another i won’t be recommending. best picture in 1935 i don’t doubt, but a complete cheese factory. clark gable is always fun to watch as he sweeps women up in his arms left and right. typecast as the “good guy” standing up for the mistreatment of the men on this ship and falling in love with a beautiful native. best thing by far about this movie was charles laughton as captin bligh. you really hate this guy, a lot. and you’re supposed to. his portrayal of the worst boss for the worst job ever was spot on, believable and the only character i gave a damn about one way or the other. i was disappointed to see, while he was nominated for best actor, he lost to victor mclaglen in the informer.

while a fine film for its time, it just wasn’t for me. i read that it cost 2 million dollars to make this movie and you can tell. all production, less story and fair acting. i’ve got to pick something more contemporary next. so far the best i’ve seen is sunrise, the silent film from 1927. i need another film to impress me.

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