after talking about it for about a year i finally made it to marfa, tx.  it was a most epic hipster holiday.  i can’t wait to go back.

accommodations: the thunderbird hotel


after driving 9 hours through nothing we arrived at the the thunderbird hotel at nearly midnight on friday.  since this is a small desert town in the middle of nowhere, the front desk staff were long gone.  i retrieved the room key from a padlocked box with an absurdly simple combination and at that moment realized just how quaint this place really was.


the room looked exactly how it did on the website, simple and cool. the “mini bar” was a basket that contained t-shirts, mugs, drugs for allergies, a pack of cigarettes and such sundries, but no alcohol. the cigarettes proved to be an issue the next night, but we’ll get to that. i had packed a bag of vinyl for the trip knowing there would be a record player. this proved to be absolute genius on my part (thank you) when we spent nearly a whole day in bed listening to ida, chan marshall and hope sandoval.


sights: the chinati foundation , prada marfa, the marfa lights

the chinati foundation was, by far, one of the best art experiences of my life. housed in an old army base the minimalist art installations are quite epic and take on a completely different context than if i had seen them in a gallery downtown. with the backdrop of creepy old army barracks in the middle of the texas desert everything stands out. i need to go back.





prada marfa was strange. you have to drive out a ways from marfa through an abandoned town (valentine, tx) to get to it. it’s literally in the middle of nowhere.



the marfa lights were “meh.” i don’t believe in the paranormal/ufo possibilities but i was unable to explain what they were. some sort of gas maybe? a night time mirage of some sort? who knows. the stars, however, were amazing. i’d never been that far away from civilization before. i’ve sent time an hour outside of tucson where “light pollution” is strictly monitored. i’ve been camping out in the middle of nowhere. but this was unlike anything i’d ever come close to seeing before in my life. simply amazing. i could have stared straight up for hours.

the food was hit or miss. i was horrified at the mexican fare of mandos but the austin st cafe, cochineal and pizza foundation had nice atmospheres. at the end of the trip i was ready to get back to dallas for some fab food. all in all i had a wonderful time. a large portion of that had to do with the fantastic company and i can’t wait for our next adventure.


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March 22, 2011 at 09:03 AM

CLO, I love your “echograms” – it’s like having a nice long, wonderful visit . . . .

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