app disappointment

app disappointment.  it happens sometimes.  in a previous post i mentioned stylebook which seemed like it would be the perfect way for me to get my closet in order.  i’m not so good with the fashion thing but i thought maybe, if i could digitally arrange outfits i could become the style icon of my dreams.  my husband knew right away that this wasn’t going to pan out.  i just figured it out today.

the goal is to upload pictures of everything in your closet and then arrange them into outfits that you can schedule on a calendar or use to make packing lists when you travel.  i thought “excellent. a way for me to plan out work outfits each day and not have to think about it each morning.”  i also thought “i can find new ways to style outfits and get more use out of the clothes i already own.”  this is all well and good but i missed one important part of this process: upload pictures of every item in your closet.  this seemed possible at first because i have so few clothes.  but i forgot one important thing…

clothes app

scout.  scout likes clothes too.  anything you set out anywhere she will immediately go lay on it.  i don’t know why this is, but it makes it impossible to photograph anything set out on the bed.  after dragging out a white sheet, trying to get all the wrinkles out, taking several poorly exposed pictures of shirts with scout’s tail in the corner i gave up.  $3.99 wasted.