daily goals mini-book

there are a few things i’m trying to make daily habits.  i thought it might be nice to have a list of those things that i could check off each day.  two of my favorite things combined; lists and crossing items off of lists!  after searching for an electronic solution and finding nothing quite right i decided to get crafty.  no judging, this is my first attempt at something like this.


allow me to introduce you to my new habit tracker.  i don’t think it turned out half bad.  i used a scrap piece of card stock, printer paper, exacto-knife, some markers, and a stapler.  i think the idea is much more helpful than the making of the thing but i’ll tell you how i did it anyway.

step one:  ask your husband if you can borrow his computer for a little while because your macbook doesn’t work with the printer because “it’s inferior.”

step two: decide what you want to track each day.  for me i’ve been trying to introduce more gratitude in my life so i started with “i’m thankful for ____”.  i’d also like to meditate 10 minutes, get outside at least 15 minutes and move about at least 30 minutes.  yes, i’m ashamed to say my time outdoors and physical movement currently does not meet these quotas.  plus i’d like to track my spending.

step three: design what you want the page to look like and print it doublesided.  since i do not own a fancy printer i printed on one side then flipped the paper and printed on the other.

step four: decorate the card stock that will be the cover of your mini-book.  since i can’t draw i drew lines with a ruler.  that’s talent!  then staple it all together and trim up the edges.


i’m certain that if you were interested in making something like this you could have figured it out on your own but whatever.  now i have a diy blog post.  hooray!  i’ve arrived!

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August 31, 2012 at 04:08 PM

Channy, you are a genius! What else can I say?

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