the cave

also known as the living room or TV room.  cave is more fitting because it’s dark.  really really dark.  reading a book was impossible until I brought down my grandfather’s lamp but it’s still not enough.  please excuse the hastily taken picture.  i was interrupting the husband’s TV time.

i’m considering repainting the dark blue walls a lighter shade.  the color looks great with the wood trim but it sucks all the light out of the room.  the furniture is really large for the space but that is non-negotiable.  so, what to do about everything else.


  • it’s dark and not in a cozy way
  • the TV stand is black metal and glass so all the cords show and it doesn’t help with the darkness
  • it’s uninteresting
  • the large black speakers and AV equipment are the focal point in the room


  • paint the walls a lighter color
  • replace the TV stand with something simple in a lighter color
  • put a lamp in the corner
  • fill the space on the wall above the couch with art
  • find some colorful couch pillows

i think to fix the tv stand issue this room needs a “faudenza.”  anna dorfman over at doorsixteen did a bang up job on her “fauxdenza” and i think i’m going to try my hand at one.

photo credit: anna dorfman at doorsixteen

you can read all about how she did it on her site. anna used ikea wall cabinets but i’m going a bit shorter with ikea besta cabinets since it will be a media center.  i’ve priced out bits and it looks like it will run me about $290 plus the wood piece for the top.  maybe a little less if I can find a base or legs that i like for less than $100.  i like the light pine in the picture but i don’t think it will work in the space so i’m going for something darker, like red oak or dark walnut.  if the project turns out to be successful i’ll share my steps and final pricing.

the wall space needs something that’s approximately 70″ x 50″.  since art is expensive i will likely diy it.  inspiration options:

this rothko inspired art found in michael and kelly’s house on apartment therapy.  i could paint two large panels in a light color side by side.

simple line drawings in frames found here

original artist is unknown and google image search didn’t really help me out either.  but i first saw it on thebrickhouse’s tumbler

i think the lamp issue is mostly solved.  you can see it hiding in the corner sitting on the subwoofer.  i’ll match the sofa pillows to the art i use, mount the tv and find some sort of sofa table to go behind the couch.  work in progress but i will keep you posted.

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September 17, 2012 at 04:09 PM

I know the cave is dark, but I really like it. It looks very cozy to me. :)