the week

1 | scout keeps me company

2 | i updated my phone wallpaper with this picture i took of the margaret hunt hill bridge

3 | i can’t read just one book at a time.  the current stack includes chuck palahniuk – invisible monsters remixaugusten burroughs – this is how, caitlin moran – how to be a woman, steve hagen – buddhism plain and simple, jonathan goldstein – ladies and gentleman, the bible!, and alejandro junger – clean

4 | d magazine‘s best burger this year is liberty burger.  i had the jackie-o and was impressed!

5 | oil and cotton in oak cliff had a craft party!

6 | i commandeered the dining room table for some serious home decor planning.  more on this later.

7 | got to a stopping place on the art i’ve been working on and hung it over the couch.  the sitting/dining room is starting to come together.  also, more on this later.

8 | scout has friends!

9 | i pulled out my old design scrap book looking for more art to make.  this gives me an idea.