the week

1 – it’s too hot to be outside in the afternoon so i’ve been having my coffee out on the back patio in the early morning

2 – the husband cooked steaks and we finished off with treats from central market.

3 – the art project i’m working on for over the couch in the dining/sitting room

4 – scout napping next to the pillow i picked up at ikea this week

5 – i finally tried pho for the first time. i get the hype now. i chose DaLat since it was highly rated on yelp and close to home. i went at lunch on a weekday and it was empty. good news for me since every one who worked there had the time to weigh in on how i should dress my first bowl. i will definitely be going back.

6 – mom almost bought this desk chair at ikea. i’m proud of her restraint.

7 – went to see joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat at the wyly theater.

8 – attempted prosciutto wrapped chicken for dinner. my chicken cooking skills are improving… slowly.

9 – more time on the back patio in the early morning

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August 06, 2012 at 04:08 PM

That BPC looks interesting. Are you going to try it?