the blueprint cleanse | day 1

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after reading about the blueprint cleanse for months on other blogs i’ve finally decided to give it a try myself.  i decided to go with the middle level, the foundation cleanse because if i’m going to spend $195 on juice then i’m not going to waste my time with the beginner level.  i admit i was too nervous to try the excavation cleanse.

so, on monday i ordered my cleanse and it arrived this morning right at 8:45.  they send you an email after you order advising you to start winding down your meat and dairy intake to prepare, lest you be completely miserable while on the cleanse.  i will be honest.  i eat garbage.  i drink a lot of wine and coffee.  last night i had a bowl of pasta and some ice cream.  but i feel fine today.

tip: don’t bother with the $30 cooler bag.  i thought it might be cool but no.  it’s flimsy and i have way better cooler bags that i got at target for $8.

so, this morning i was just fixing my hot water with lemon (that they recommend to kick things off with) when the box arrived.  i was surprised at how cold the juice was.  we have meds delivered for scout that are supposed to remain cold but it almost never is by the time it gets to our house.  i loaded all 18 bottles into the fridge, laughed at the flimsy, cheap cooler bag, and finished the water with lemon.

i tried to wait until i was hungry before starting juice 1, thinking that i would run out of juice before the end of the day.  not the case.  so juice 1 is the green juice.  it tastes as expected.  if you’ve ever tried the green juice from central market it tastes just about like that, but with more lemon.  very parsley-y.  at this point i feel no different.

i start juice 2 around lunchtime when i start to feel slightly hungry and foggy headed.  i’m interested in a nap.  but that may have more to do with my erratic sleep schedule due to my night work and less to do with the one juice I drank.  juice 2 is pineapple, apple, mint and tastes like pineapple, apple, and mint.  pretty tasty, though the mint aftertaste is a bit odd.

mid-afternoon i’m feeling pretty hungry.  juice 3 is another green juice.  other than being hungry i feel fine.  no headaches or any of the other withdrawal symptoms i’ve heard so much about.  so far, this is not that hard.

after work i run some errands and start juice 4 when i get back home.  this one is the spicy lemonade.  tastes like lemonade.  anticlimactic.  the cayenne is more of an aftertaste.  at this point i’ve had each of the juices except the cashew milk, which i think sounds the tastiest.  i’d better hurry though.  i have just a few hours left to finish juices 4, 5 and 6.

i down 4 and 5 (another green juice) and give myself a bit of a stomach ache.  the last juice is the cashew milk.  it tastes like a really watered down chai latte.  so the verdict is the pineapple juice tastes the best.  none of the juices are bad in my opinion, i just like the pineapple best.

television commercials with food are difficult to watch and i must avoid pinterest completely.  way too many delicious food pics.  i’m not really all that hungry but I just miss eating.  if that makes any sense.  day one, success.  tomorrow i’ll start drinking the juices sooner and not worry so much about running out.  so far i feel the same.