the blueprint cleanse | days 2 & 3

day 2 just wasn’t eventful enough to get it’s own post.  it was a lot like day 1 except i was in the office instead of working from home.  the night between day 1 and 2 was pretty awful.  consuming so much liquid gets you pretty friendly with the toilet and when nature called at 3AM i drug myself from bed feeling like i had been beaten with a baseball bat.  sore, achy, tired.  no fun.  the hunger increased as the days went on instead of subsiding.  i was hungry most of day 2 and i was downright ravenous for all of day 3.  i read the testimonials on the blueprint site to try to gain some extra will power but i think these people had their juice spiked with drugs.

– pros –

  • i didn’t feel bloated or heavy.  it was a slight “fresh” feeling that i can see would be appealing.  but it just wasn’t awesome enough for me to get all excited about.  for the most part i felt the same as i always do.
  • i lost 5 pounds
  • the best part was at the end i was craving fresh fruits and vegetables.  this is the only point in my life i would have ever considered a vegan lifestyle.  i just don’t have any interest in greasy tex mex or cake.  i assume this will change eventually, but i have a new resolve right now to eat more raw, fresh foods.

– cons –

  • this shit is expensive.  with that damn cooler bag i was set back 225 bucks for 3 days.  i can think of several other things i could have spent that money on.
  • i was very hungry.  the first day i was fine and enjoyed reflecting on why i was hungry and if i was really hungry and not just bored etc.  but by the 3rd day i could think of nothing else but food.  this seemed more like deprivation than a transition to a healthy lifestyle.

i’m glad i did it.  i can stop thinking about it now and cross juice cleanse off of my things to try list.  would i recommend it?  maybe.  if it were $100 I would suggest everyone try it but at $195 i just didn’t get that much benefit from it.  if you have killer cravings for something you wish you hadn’t i say go for it.  my success or failure with this will all depend on if my eating habits actually change or not.  i will keep you posted.