guest room progress

thanksgiving is approaching and this year i have family traveling from out of town.  and they’re coming to stay with us!  all of my family has always lived nearby so there’s been no need to prep guest quarters.  but my inner martha has always wanted to entertain family overnight for the holidays.  so, the guest room is getting some attention after being ignored since we moved in.

Guest Room Before

the room was covered in the same beige/pink/peach paint as every other surface in the home was when we moved in.  i chose a plain white since my husband has asked for a hard stop on the gray.  no more gray walls, gray furniture, gray linens, gray anything.  white and navy it is!  i wanted to paint an interesting pattern on one wall behind the bed to function as a headboard of sorts.  this is where pinterest comes in handy.  i found a few options and gave the husband veto power (because i’m a nice wife) and these were a few that did not make the cut.  one may, however, make an appearance on my office wall in a lighter color.

wall patterns

sources: 1 | 2 | 3

what we agreed on was a herringbone type pattern that i first saw on vintage revivals.  seemed simple enough.  spoiler: it was not.  how they did this on a ceiling is beyond me.  while i decided to do this on a larger wall it was still complicated and a pain.  all of the work together took about 2 days but i stretched it out over 2 weekends.

Guest Room Progress


there is a detailed how-to on the vintage revivals site that i followed.  i suggest a different method to prevent bleeding through the tape.  the site suggests painting only the shape to be painted with the base color (which i did) but in hindsight i would take a roller and paint over the whole tape.  i think that would have made a better seal.  there was quite a bit of bleed through so i had to take a flat craft brush and touch up a lot of the lines once i removed the tape.  i think it turned out really well.

now i am focusing on linens, furniture and art for the wall.  i think orange would make a fantastic accent color in this room but finding bright orange anything has been a bit of a challenge.  apparently orange was last year’s hot color.  one ikea trip down with homegoods, crate & barrel, and west elm trips on the way.